Summer Lovin’

13428367_10207051840276316_5742435370332650328_nDallas. A city full of life and wonder. A city where the streets are filled with suits and brief cases during the day and laughter and beer at night. Dallas. A city where memories are made. A city where I feel at home.

This summer is a summer of first and a summer of lasts. Summer twenty-sixteen is my last “official summer.” Next June, ready or not…I’ll be a college graduate, thrown out into the real world. It’s been my goal to make summer twenty-sixteen a summer I’ll never forget. A summer full of learning, growing, laughing, and making memories to last a life time.

Last night was one of those nights that summers all about. One of my all-time best friends, Rachel and I headed into Dallas for a night of friends, food, art, and music. We ventured down bustling city streets filled with food trucks, trumpet players, dance lessons, and street vendors. We explored the Nasher Sculpture Center and laughed over our ridiculous analysis of each piece. We sat on a picnic blanket in the middle of the city, surrounded by hundreds of people and watched a movie beneath the stars. (Okay…it’s Dallas. There weren’t any stars, but there were twinkly lights and my eye glass prescription is getting old.)

Ready to be amazed?

I went down to Dallas with my best friend, met new people, made wonderful memories…and I only spent $10 on pizza and a drink. That’s it. {Art exhibit=free, concerts=free, movie beneath the “stars”= free, dance lesson on the street=free, and the list could go on…} As Taylor Swift once said, “The best things in life are free.” *sorry, I had too*

You may not have the funds to go to Hawaii, sky diving or backpacking through India. However, you have the choice to put away the computer and video games, turn off the T.V. and go explore. There are things, each and every day, that don’t cost a dime. So I challenge you: Make YOUR summer the best summer.

{Check back later this week for my summer 2016 bucket list <3}



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