Good Old Dad

11537596_10204825791666492_8039391336020925355_okI remember the days of Father Daughter Dances, home-made pizza nights, early morning bicycle rides and afternoons filled with hide and go seek. I remember the nights, everyone gathered around the table, you wearing that silly Rudolph sweatshirt and telling jokes that resulted in a table full of laughter.

I remember when you took me to my first concert *you created a monster by the way.* You surprised me with pit tickets to Hilary Duff. You borrowed my CD and listened to it on your daily commute, learning every single world. I remember you lined up all the dads, creating a barrier around all us young girls, protecting us from the crazy crowd. You watched the entire concert with people ramming into your back, but made sure to keep a smile on your face for my benefit.

Our relationship hasn’t been all roses and sunshine. We’ve argued, fought and bickered more than I’d like to admit. However, bickering aside, you have always been there for me.

Thank you watching “Father of The Bride” with me the million times I’ve asked. Thank you for our early morning talks, always having the best advice to give. Thank you for teaching me how to drive, and dealing with the tears and hysteria that came with it.

Thank you for teaching me that I deserve respect and to always respect others. Thank you teaching me about my faith and encouraging me to fall into God’s arms when times get tough.

Most of all. Thanks for being my dad. Thanks for loving me.

Boo Boo

Happy Father’s day to all the men, on earth and in heaven, who have been there for me throughout my life. Thank you all for teaching me what real life “princes” look life.



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