Happy Birthday, Buddy


I remember it like it was yesterday. As I walked down the hallway in my Little Mermaid nightgown, with a mess of curly ringlets falling into my eyes, I noticed a cardboard box sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Being a curious three year old, I ran over to investigate. As I peeked over the top, I saw a little white cotton ball staring back at me. I remember holding you, kissing you and screeching with excitement. I remember poking you every time you fell asleep because I wanted to play.

We grew up together. You were there during my obsession with Madeline and you expressed your love for my favorite doll by eating off both her legs. *It’s taken me a long time but I forgive you*

You were there when I loved to play house and never objected to being pushed around in a baby doll stroller, dressed up in my favorite nightgown. SCAN0177

You played along when I was determined to teach you how to jump though a Hulu Hoop (which you totally mastered, by the way).

Most of all…throughout all years, whenever the tears came, you were always by my side ready to lick them away.

You were my first dog, my first pet. You taught me responsibility. You taught my unconditional love.

Saying goodbye to you, was by far, one of the hardest nights of my life. You had been the first one to say good morning to me for eighteen years, and I couldn’t imagine a day without you.

The past eight months have been hard. Every time I saw a cute little Bichon at work, my heart ached for you. However, while saying goodbye brought heartache, it’s worth it, for the eighteen wonderful years we shared. Your name might have been Lucky, but it was me who was lucky to have you.

Happy Nineteenth Birthday, Buddy. Love you forever.


There is a saying:

 “Every once and a while, a dog enters your life and changes everything.”

If you are looking to add a few paw prints to your heart, check out the link below. Save a life. Make a difference.


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