The Little Peach House


It’s amazing how one small peach house can cause so much happiness and so many tears.

When I was three years old a family moved next door- “The Neighbors.” Within no time at all their daughter had become my best friend/the sister I never had. Her family became my family. When I walked through their front door, I felt at home. We grew up together, and so many memories were captured in that little peach house. Afternoon’s filled with arts and crafts, mornings spent watching T.V. in our PJ’s, and countless dinners laughing hysterically around the table. Those memories are engraved in my mind forever, memories I’ll never forget. However, I’ll also never forget the day I was told that my second family (after thirteen years) was moving across the country. It felt like a part of me was moving with them.

Fast forward a few years and that little peach house, once again, had new neighbors moving in. Another two year old little girl, her older brother and their mother and father. Little did I know that when the moving trucks pulled away, they left behind my third family, my neighbors Part II (Not to be associated with the Zac Efron movie.) Before I knew it, I had fallen in love with all four of them, and a new baby was soon on its way. “The Neighbors Part II” became a family who I love with every bit of my heart. The kids became the little siblings I never had. Their door was always open to me, and many summer days were spent painting, baking cookies, making forts, and once again laughing around the table.

Today I heard those three words again… “We are moving,” and my heart broke. While “The Neighbors Part II” are not moving across the county, but to a house close by, I will forever miss yelling and waving good morning as we all headed to work and school. I will forever miss driving onto my street seeing my three favorite kiddos playing outside and flashing those adorable smiles my way. I’ll miss jumping in the puddles with them, making huge snowmen in the middle of our yards and having a front row seat, watching them grow up.

Change is hard. However, it’s harder when it breaks your heart but improves other’s lives in the process, because you have to put on a smile. You have to congratulate them and focus on the positives.

That little peach house has caused my heart to break. It’s caused me many tears. However, it’s also opened up to doors to the most beautiful relationships and the most wonderful memories.

As the quote goes, “We are neighbors, no matter the distance.”

One thought on “The Little Peach House

  1. You did it again sweet girl. Amazing story of love, loss and being happy for others even when you are sad. You’re writing goes straight to the heart!!


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