September 12th

13644232_10207208854481573_1977416454_nIt’s said that the best day of a women’s life is her wedding day. It’s a day when she gets to dress up like a princess, throw a big party, be surrounded by hundreds of flowers and her family and friends. It’s a day when she gets to marry the man of her dreams and start their forever.

Thus far, the best day of my life was September 12, 2015- my big brother’s wedding day and here’s why:

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I used to love nothing more than curling up on the couch and watching the latest Nicholas Sparks movie or reading another one of my countless romantic novels. However, in the years leading up the September 12th I had grown very cynical. I began to doubt “True Love,” deeming it as a mere fairy-tale. Whenever my “someday wedding” was brought up, I would shut it down, saying I was never getting married. However, September 12th opened my eyes. It made me believe again.

On September 12th, 2015 I watched my big brother marry the women of his dreams. As I stood up at the front of the church and watched Nicholas see his bride for the first time- I lost it. {For those of you who were at the wedding, I apologize that you had to see my ugly crying. ;D) I had never seen him that excited, that nervous, that happy…that in love, in my entire life. Instantly I knew, true love did exist because they had it.

On September 12th, my big brother gained a wife and I gain13644281_10207208855961610_592260887_ned a sister. I now have someone who I can vent all my boy problems to, knowing I’m going to have the most logical advice come my way. I have a sister who’s always there to give me fashion advice, and tips on how to be a successful women in the business world. I have a sister who texts me saying she misses me and reminding me to stay safe on my nights out with friends. Most of all, I have a sister who makes Nicholas take cute photo’s with me (thanks again for the Fourth of July photo. ;D).

When they got engaged I was overjoyed with excitement for them.However, I was also selfishly scared. I thought I would be losing my brother. He’d start this whole new life, with a whole new family. However, the exact opposite happened. Not only did I gain a sister, but I gained an entire new family as well.

This past Fourth of July weekend I laid on the back dock, staring up at the stars, with my eyes filled with tears. I had just had the most amazing day. I went shopping with my sister-in-law and her mom and ran around on the beach. I watched dolphin’s swim and jump through the bay, and as I sat on the boat filled with my brother’s new family they felt like my family too. I had watched Nicholas and Rosalyn bring out the best in one another. I watched them love each other AND their flaws and hoped I would find a love like that one day. I laid there staring at the stars thanking God that he sent Rosalyn into our lives.

Maybe someday my “dream wedding,” will become a reality. I’ll be at a church in Italy, wearing a white dress with sunflowers in my hand, about to marry the man of my dreams. Maybe someday THAT will be the best day of my life. However, for now September 12th is my favorite day because it’s the day I learned to believe in love again. I gained a sister. I gained a new family, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.



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