I Pledge to Always Eat Cake

DSC_0293Birthdays are a funny thing. For about the first twenty-one to twenty-five years we get excited as our birthday month rolls around. We count down the days until the big celebration. It’s a day full of cake, streamers, decorations, presents and flaunting your new digits. However, people then tend to enter into “the dark years” where they try to keep their birthday hidden from their co-workers, dread the hundreds of Facebook notification and lie about their age, in an attempt to not feel old.

On my twenty-first birthday, I had a woman say to me “enjoy your day, it’s the last ‘fun’
birthday there is.” Granted, this woman did not know me. This woman did not know that I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan for the past ten years. This woman DID NOT KNOW that to me twenty-one only meant that I was one year closer to “feeling 22.” However, recently I’ve been thinking about birthdays and why the transition into the “dark years” occurs for so many people.BirthdayCakePhoto0296

When you’re young, you can’t wait for your birthday because it means more privileges. (Ten = double digits, thirteen = teenage years, sixteen = drivers license, eighteen = officially an adult/buy lotto tickets/gamble at win-star/buy cigarettes, and twenty-one = weekend in Vegas) After that, birthday’s just make you feel more ancient by the year.

However, while you could look at each birthday as another year gone, another year closer to the grave, I choose to take a different approach.

Each birthday is a celebration of another year God blessed me with life on this earth. Another year of memories and accomplishments. Some people don’t make it to their 21st birthday. Some are lucky to see 60. So each birthday should be a bigger celebration that the last.

Today I’m making a pledge in-front of the entire world (well to the 8 relatives and 3 friends who will probably read this blog post) and I hope you pledge along with me. I pledge to celebrate every birthday with as much excitement and joy as I did my sixteenth, eighteenth, and twenty-first. I pledge to always be proud of my age, eat way to much cake and let anyone and everyone wish me a happy birthday.

Just remember, like wine, some things are better with age.

Happy Birthday to all the July birthday babes out there. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!”



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