Life is like a cliff

I stood on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the water 40 feet below. I watched as the waves
crashed against the rocks, my anxiety rising by the second.  I 14264844_10207616369269188_1026049780708647232_nstood on the ledge, just minutes after
deciding I would not jump and I came to the conclusion that I had two options. I could hike back to the car or I could jump. I could conquer my temporary fear. I could cross it off my bucket-list and always remember the day I went cliff jumping in Nashville.

Life, in many ways, is life a cliff. One moment I’m standing on solid ground. Feeling on top of the world, and the next minuet I have a choice to make. I could spend the rest of my life with both feet on solid ground. However, how would I ever expect myself to fly? There is a saying: “sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.”

The problem is, everyone and anyone has an opinion. They will tell you you aren’t ready to jump, they will tell you how to jump, where to jump, that you are jumping to fast/too slow. They will tell you that you are going to get hurt. They will fill your head with their opinion’s their thoughts and their beliefs. However, sometimes you have to push aside the insecurities, you have to push aside the anxiety, you have to push aside everyone’s damn opinions and take the leapfor yourself. Yes you can jump and fail, you can jump and get hurt. OR you could jump and fly, you could jump and have the most amazing time on your way down to the water below.


On that day in Nashville, I said a silent prayer, I questioned my satiety and I jumped. I’ll never forget the feeling of free falling. I’ll never forget the feeling of wind running through my hair as I screamed for what felt like eternity. I’ll never forget hitting the water and watching bubbles rush past my face as I moved deeper and deeper. Then there was this moment- when I stopped falling, I stopped gliding through the water and everything was still. At that moment I felt fearless.

I tried to memorize that feeling. A feeling I never wanted to forget.

I’ve reached a time in my life when everything is changing. There are choices to be made, opportunities to be seized. While the future can feel like a scary and daunting part of life, I am most scared of becoming stagnant. I’m scared of falling into a routine, not challenging myself. I’m scared I will miss out on those moments when you lose your breath and time stands still, due to fear of getting hurt, due to fear of failure.

As I swam back to the top of the water, I had a million thoughts running through my mind. However, one thing was for sure… I had taken the big jump. I had felt what it’s like to fly and while the fear of falling can be scary, you also have the opportunity (the ability) to soar.


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