College Lessons Learned

As graduation approaches I can’t help but sit back and reflect on the past four years. In some ways, the first day of my freshman year feels like yesterday… it also feels like a lifetime ago. When I think about “freshman me” it’s hard to recognize who I was. I’ve grown, I’ve changed and I’ve learned more lessons than I can count.


  1. Life is about balance: When I entered into freshman year, all I did was study. From sunrise to sunset because I was determined to graduate on time and with honors. However, this lifestyle sprung me into a state of illness and depression. It’s when I allowed myself to spend time with friends, watch Netflix (sometimes a few too many098A4208.jpg episodes), be active on campus and enjoy life that I was most successful… that I was happiest. Here I am 4 years later, graduating Magna Cum Laude from the UNT Honors College and I’ve seen more than just the library (thank goodness…. the UNT library isn’t very pretty).


  1. Love Yourself: If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to. It’s when I stopped feeling less than worthy due to my (then) permanent single status… It’s when I stopped looking for a boy… it’s when I stopped hating my body that I began to truly love myself. For the longest time, whenever I looked in the mirror I would see my big gums, crooked nose and small teeth. Now when I look in the mirror… I just see me.


  1. Every friendship has a meaning:

Some friendships come and go, but each one has a purpose. There are those friendships that enter your life so effortlessly. They fill your days with laughter, group texts and fun adventures. However, sometimes they come to an end. It can happen for a variety of reasons. However, each one has a purpose. Each one has a meaning and each one taught me something valuable about life.

Luckily, there are also those friends that enter your life and never leave.

Last week, as I was walking through the Denton Square with Emily, Mia and Mary, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy. The four of us met on our first day at UNT. We all lived on the same wing of Honors Hall and we became best friends… school sisters. We studied together, ate together and had each other’s backs through thick and thin. Here we are, four years later. We’ve all grown and moved in new directions of life… but when we get together, it’s like time never passed. #thebrunettequartet

Then I started thinking about my friends from back home. Hannah’s been one of my best friends since I was three, Rachel since 4th grade and Katie since high school. They live all over the world now but are always a phone call away. Hannah and I are separated by nearly 6000 miles, yet we are still the best of friends. We pray for each other, skype each other and I just know… 3 to 93, she will be by my side.

There is a quote that says,

“’Best friend’ means not having to talk every single day but when you do, it’s like you never stopped talking.”

Over these past four years, I’ve learned this is the truest of the trues.

(WOW. I had a lot to say about that one…. Moving on.)


  1. True Love Does Exist:

Last summer, I focused solely on myself: my future career, growing as a person and learning to love myself. I entered into senior year having made a pact with some friends that we weren’t going to date. We were going to focus on school and our futures.

God had another plan for me. I’ll never forget it- the day I spotted him across the Sweetheart Tailgate tent. We talked, we hit it off and the rest was history. Now I’m with someone who loves me for all my flaws. Who compliments my smile, big gums and all. Who is there for all my cheesy picture ideas, endless puns and obsessing over my dog.

Now I’m with someone who’s taught me that true love does exist.



  1. No matter how many years pass, Gilmore Girls will always be my favorite show: Enough Said


  1. Are you ready for the final lesson learned?


College is more than just the classrooms:

Yes, I’ve learned Calculus, Finance, Business Policy and the fundamentals of economics. However, it was the lessons learned outside of the classroom that mean the most. It’s those lessons learned above and the lessons not listed that have prepared me for the real world.


Now let’s just hope I don’t trip across the stage at graduation. I’m still as klutzy as ever.





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